We’d like to help you get ready for your 2019 health plan year. You can renew your current health plan or shop for a new 2019 plan during Open Enrollment, November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018.

Use our tools and tips to see how changes to your plan may impact your health care coverage.

Know Your 2019 Options

Here are two things you can do now to make an informed decision for next year.

1. Review Health Plan Packet

Your packet has many important sections for you to review, such as:

  • Your 2019 Health Plan Highlights with monthly payment amounts
  • Benefits Changes that shows 2019 health plan changes
  • Your Pharmacy Benefits that features 2019 prescription benefit changes
  • Key Words to Know with a helpful guide on health care terms

All of the sections in your packet can help you learn how 2019 changes may impact your Individual Health Plan or Family Health Plan. You can also find more health care terms in our glossary.

2. Compare Health Plans

You can shop on our website or call your health care plan agent during Open Enrollment to compare 2019 health plans.

Here are some tips to think over when comparing health care plans. Think about:

  • How much you can afford to spend
  • Preferred doctors and hospitals in each plan’s network
  • How often you go to the doctor or need care
  • Prescription drugs you may take or need

Remember, all of our plans cover essential health benefits and services, like prescription drug and preventive care coverage.

Compare Health Plans

Check on Financial Assistance

There are two ways you may be able to get help paying for health care coverage costs. Since both are based on your income and family size, keeping your account up-to-date is very important. This can help you get the right amount of assistance. In 2018, 82% of our members got some kind of financial help.


You may be able to get a subsidy, also known as premium tax credit (PTC). These credits can help you pay less on your monthly premium bill.

Here’s how it works:

Source: Healthcare.gov 2018 FPL levels used in calculating your 2019 premium tax credit (PTC) estimate

Note: If you're an American Indian or an Alaska Native, your cost sharing amounts and plan choices may be different.

Use our estimator to see if you qualify.

Get an Estimate

Cost Sharing Reductions

With a Silver plan, you may also be able to get cost sharing reductions (CSRs). These discounts help lower out-of-pocket costs, like deductibles, coinsurance, copayments and pharmacy costs.

Don't forget, if you're getting a subsidy now, you can still check on your financial assistance amounts. Amounts may have changed if you’ve reported a life change, such as income going up or down.

Find In-Network Doctors and Hospitals

Using our Provider Finder® helps you control how much you pay for care. Set some time aside to look up each plan’s network, including:

  • Doctors
  • Hospitals
  • Other health care providers
Search Doctors and Hospitals

Learn About Saving With Pharmacy Networks

Our 2019 pharmacy network is made up of a nationwide group of contracting pharmacies. Just like with health coverage, you could pay more if you use an out-of-network location.

Find a pharmacy. Please note that changes may be made to the participating pharmacies in the future.

Your pharmacy costs may depend on where you go to get your prescriptions filled. Here’s a way to compare costs between your network choices:

In-Network Pharmacy
Preferred Pharmacies
Non–Preferred Pharmacies
Pharmacy cost is lower
Out-of-Network Pharmacy
Pharmacy cost is higher
Out-of-Network Pharmacy Pharmacy cost is higher
In-Network Pharmacy Pharmacy cost is lower
Non-Preferred Pharmacies
Preferred Pharmacies

As a reminder, be sure to check if your drug is on your 2019 drug list. When looking up a drug, if it’s on the list you’ll know it’s covered.

See what else is changing with your 2019 prescription drug benefits.

Consider Payment Options

Whether you renew or shop for a new plan, you’ll still have convenient ways to pay monthly bills. You can also sign up for our secure Auto Bill Pay if you aren't using it now.

Don't forget, if you shop for a new 2019 health plan, you may have to make a first payment to complete your application.

Use Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM)

Your BAMSM account lets you access your health plan information and helpful resources. For example:

  • See claims status
  • Sign up to get secure online access to your BCBSIL health plan instead of by mail
  • Review your Plan Benefit Book
  • Sign up for Auto Bill Pay
Log in to BAMSM

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Online Resources


  1. Health Insurance Exchanges 2018 Open Enrollment Period Final Report, CMS.gov.

  2. Preferred Pharmacy Network pricing isn’t available for 100% cost-sharing plans and BCBSIL HMO plans. These 100% cost-sharing plans don’t have a tiered structure for member out-of-pocket copay/coinsurance for prescription drugs. Members with an IL HMO plan can use select pharmacies in their network to get up to a 90-day supply of a covered prescription. You can also fill up to a 90-day supply of a covered drug at a retail pharmacy in the Preferred Pharmacy Network. Members with a BCBSIL HMO plan can use select pharmacies in their network to get up to a 90-day supply of a covered prescription.

  3. Any additional charges you may pay will not apply to any of the out-of-pocket amounts (based on your plan).